What Wheels and Tyres Could you Use on your Freelander?

Since a Freelander is often a 4×4 motor vehicle the type of wheels tyre fitting and balancing cost you employ are certainly important to ensure you do no destruction to the generate prepare.

Advised Tyre Measurements

The encouraged tyre dimensions for the Freelander one (1998 – 2006) are:

fifteen inch wheels: 195/80 R15
sixteen inch wheels: 215/65 R16
17 inch wheels: 235/55 R17
18 inch wheels: 235/50 R18
19 inch wheels: 245/45 R19
twenty inch wheels: 245/40 R20
22 inch wheels: 295/30 R22

Even though we don’t come throughout a lot of Freelanders with 22 inch wheels!

For that Freelander 2 (2006 onwards) the advisable tyre dimensions are:

16 inch wheels: 215/75 R16
17 inch wheels: 235/65 R17
18 inch wheels: 235/60 R18
19 inch wheels: 235/55 R19
20 inch wheels: 275/40 R20
22 inch wheels: 265/35 R22

What do the Tyre Dimensions Figures Indicate?

Though many of us are fairly applied to purchasing tyres by their figures, and know these are vital, we do not all have an understanding of the things they indicate.

If we take the 16 inch wheels to get a Freelander one the tyres need to be:

215/65 R16

The first variety, 215, is definitely the width on the tyre in mm from aspect wall to side wall when it’s not at all pressured so you are taking a look at it from the best. The complex title is the part width.

The 2nd variety, sixty five, may be the ratio of your peak with the tyre sidewall expressed being a proportion of the width. The technological name could be the component ratio, or area top. In this instance, 65% of 215 mm is 139.seventy five mm.

The R implies the tyre is of a radial design, this just implies the wire plies are organized at ninety degrees to the way of vacation, or radially (through the centre of your tire).

The following selection, 16, would be the diameter in inches in the rim with the wheel the tyre is created to in good shape on. So in this case it is a tyre for just a 16 inch wheel.

It is actually a little bit strange that tyre sizes blend inches with mm, but which is just how it’s performed!

When you think about the measurement printed about the tyre this amount, e.g. 215/65 R16, will probably be followed by two figures in addition to a letter. The 2 numbers will be the load index plus the letter is the pace ranking. The load index suggests the amount of excess weight the tyre might take (for any Freelander you will need a minimum load index of eighty four or 85, based on the correct product of Freelander you have got) and the velocity score refers to the pace you could travel at for 10 minutes continually without the tyre breaking into items.

The velocity ratings are:

Velocity Symbol Max Pace Functionality
MPH Km/h
L a hundred and twenty seventy five
M a hundred thirty 81
N 140 87
P 150 95
Q a hundred and sixty a hundred
R one hundred seventy a hundred and five
S 180 113
T a hundred ninety 118
U two hundred one hundred twenty five
H 210 a hundred thirty
V 240 one hundred fifty
W 270 168
Y 300 186
Z 240+ 150+

Could you Utilize a Different Sized Tyre from your Advisable in your Freelander?

Supplied the general circumference of the wheel together with the tyre equipped is within plus or minus 2.5% in the recommended then you certainly mustn’t have any issues in fitting unique tyre sizes on your Freelander (whilst the speedometer are going to be looking at somewhat inaccurately). The overall circumference is calculated with the general diameter.

In the event the overall circumference is more than furthermore or minus two.5% then you run the chance of hurt in your drive teach.

Using the most typical Freelander tyre measurements, right here are some alternate dimensions you might use:

195/80 R15 alternatives are:

205/75 R15 (-0.87% change in circumference)
215/70 R15 (-1.70% change in circumference)
215/75 R15 (+1.47% distinction in circumference)
225/70 R15 (+0.32% big difference in circumference)
235/70 R15 (+2.34% distinction in circumference)

215/65 R16 solutions are:

225/65 R16 (+1.76% distinction in circumference)
225/60 R16 (-1.44% variance in circumference)
235/60 R16 (+0.28% change in circumference)
255/55 R16 (0% variation in circumference)

215/75 R16 alternate options are:

225/70 R16 (-0.83% difference in circumference)
225/75 R16 (+2.19% big difference in circumference)
235/65 R16 (-2.19% change in circumference)
235/70 R16 (+1.09% change in circumference)
255/65 R16 (+1.36% variation in circumference)

235/65 R17 alternatives are:

245/65 R17 (+1.64% big difference in circumference)
255/60 R17 (0% difference in circumference)
265/60 R17 (+1.64% distinction in circumference)
275/55 R17 (-1.52% difference in circumference)

Do bear in mind when there is a variance from the circumference then your speedometer examining will probably be a little completely wrong.

It is possible to verify whether it is harmless to exchange your present-day tyres with almost every other sizing through the use of 1 of the tyre dimension calculators readily available, so if you prefer to to examine on your own then do this tyre calculator.

The amount of Tyres Must You Swap with your Freelander?

It really is usually advisable to replace all 4 tyres for the same time on your own Freelander, with the similar make, design and sort, in order never to lead to damage into the push coach.

The 4×4 technique about the Freelander 1 is quite delicate to differences while in the rolling radius of the tyres, and if these vary by much more than 5mm you happen to be risking problems to your push teach, specifically to your rear differential.

To examine that the tyres usually are not winding up your viscous coupling device (VCU) – the bulbous piece while in the centre in the prop shaft working with the entrance for the back again of one’s Freelander 1 – which is the hub of sending generate for the rear wheels, then generate your Freelander for around five – 10 miles, then get beneath and check out the temperature of your VCU. Be mindful, the VCU could get really incredibly hot! In case the VCU is simply too sizzling to comfortably maintain your hand on it then you really have a problem with your tyres, and you simply must glance to changing them Instantly – or else you’re going to have a very large monthly bill for travel educate products.

When you do only swap two tyres on your own Freelander 1 then be certain the brand new tyres go to the rear (a similar make, design and sort since the front kinds) AND examine the temperature of your VCU, as earlier mentioned, to create certain it’s not necessarily heating up. Hardly ever change just one tyre with a Freelander.

A little more Technical Depth on Freelander Tyres and Wheels

For the people of you who like a minor a lot more technical depth on your Freelander tyres and wheels here’s a little bit extra information and facts.

To the Freelander 1:

PCD 5 x 114
Offset 35 to 45
Bore 64.one
Fittings N twelve x one.5

For your Freelander two:

PCD five x 108
Offset 35 to 50
Bore 63.4
Fittings N 14 x one.5

In case you usually do not fully grasp what these suggest, here’s a transient explanation.

PCD is the Pitch Circle Diameter. This is the diameter, in mm, of a circle drawn by the wheels bolt holes. What’s more, it suggests the quantity of studs, or bolts, the wheel will have. So the Freelander 1 has 5 bolts and also the diameter of the circle drawn by the bolt holes is 114 mm. The Freelander 2 has 5 bolts and also a diameter of 108 mm.

The offset is exactly where the wheel will sit in relation into the overall body line of your motor vehicle. Offset is frequently stamped over the wheel and is particularly calculated in millimetres of et (et may be the short type of the German term ‘Einpresstiefe’ which literally interprets as insertion depth). The figures are fundamentally the space amongst the centre of your wheel along with the hub.

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