Scaffolding Towers – Essential For Safe and Profitable Construction Work

Scaffolding Towers posts can be very difficult, however, with some careful planning and a little direction you could save a lot of money by installing your fencing yourself continue reading.

Here are two methods of fixing garden fence posts.

1) How to fix using ‘concrete’ fixing method.

Once you have found exactly where the post is to be concreted mark around the post approximately 8 inches all around, now start to dig your whole you will need a good spade and preferably post hole diggers which are available from Wickes, B&Q or any good hardware store, these will usually cost around £23.00.

Alternatively, use your hands to extract the loose earth, you need to dig approximately 18 inches deep and keep the hole square and uniform, if it is possible to dig a hole deeper than this will make the post even stronger once concreted.

I try to dig my holes 2 foot 6 inches deep, this way you’re guaranteed a very strong fixing that will not move. Fit the panel before concreting and use a semi wet mix, check on the post-level with a spirit level every five minutes or so until the post is semi rigid, then check again after half an hour or so, do not try to install posts in windy conditions, if there is more than one post to be installed use a string line so all the posts are in unison, if you do not use a line the fencing will not be straight.

2) How to fix using ‘thumper’ fixing method.

A post-thumper will be needed to install machine rounded timber, this can be hired from your local tool/plant hire shop, take care when using a post-thumper as they are heavy, this is usually a two-man job, use the thumper to thump the posts into the ground, no digging will be necessary, check the post for level and height every five thumps.